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Locker# is a Locker Number. Once you register you will be assigned a locker number just like joining a new college.
Your locker is your profile. You can use your locker number to login and to quickly search for friends.
Locker numbers are assigned sequentially so join now to get a cool locker#.
This icon verifies the user is a member of an institution.
It helps students identify other students on Lockir.
To get the icon you will need to register with a university email.

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Email us at addmyschool@lockir.com with the name of your school in the subject line.
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What is Lockir?
Lockir is a social network exclusive for students. It was created by a group of students from
the University of Manchester at John Rylands library.
We'd like to give a shout-out to all the students that have chipped in with ideas, thanks guys!

Is it free? how do you prove it's a student?
Yes it is free. Students that sign up with a school email will get a Verified Account.

Are you going to change the theme away from students, as Facebook did?
No we will not. Lockir will always keep the student theme.
That's the reason we made it in the first place. We want to keep it as a cool network.

How is Lockir different from Facebook?
Facebook is about connecting with people you already know in your life, but the student life
is all about meeting people and growing your network. This allows us to provide features that
are tailored for students which will be beneficial from a social and academic view. Having parents
on Facebook also makes it awkward for us students to express ourselves freely, sometimes we
say or share things that we don't want our parents involved in without having to
worry about so many privacy settings or hurting their feelings by blocking them.

What can I do on Lockir?
You can do many things including;
share photos, videos and work, chat with friends, discover what people are sharing,
engage in discussions, meet new people, ask questions, get help for projects and exams,
write notes and collaborate with peers, listen to music and much more.

What's a Locker?
A Locker is your profile.

How do I distinguish between students?
Students will have a blue tick icon next to their name on their profile page to verify they are students.

Lockir Team
Jay Amlesh - Founder CEO

Serag Amlesh - Co-founder CTO

Anas Bataw - Co-founder CMO

Kevin Sinclair - Advisor

For any enquiries please contact feedback@lockir.com
These are the Universities currently supported.
If you would like your school added to the list then request here.

University of Manchester
Stanford University