Lockir is a free online platform for your school.

Created by postgraduates who recognizse collaboration is a powerful tool in learning. Give your students the platform to maximise their grades.

What can our students do on Lockir?

  • *Share lecture notes and exam papers
  • * Ask questions and use hashtags to help quickly search content and courses
  • * Students will get reputation scores based on the "Likes" they get for their answers.
  • * Jot down notes on a Microsoft Word-like tool and add their peers to edit the document for group projects.
  • * Private messaging between peers as every student will have their own Inbox.
  • * Locker Numbers are an exciting feature, students get to choose a "Locker No." which will be unique to them. They can use this number to quickly login and to find their friends.
  • * Interact on a beautiful and simple to use UI that hasn't been seen in any other educational platforms.

Join today, It's Free!

We're giving free signup to the first schools that join. Contact us to get your school account set-up, we're available 24/7